Kindergarten Home Practice

September 18 - September 22, 2017

Monday 9/19

·        PAF WB page 6 (Recipe for Reading)

·        Circle worksheet

·        Please review and sign the yellow Highlights Magazine paper. You DO NOT have to purchase the magazine, but if you sign the paper and mark “no” then our class will still receive free supplies!

·        Continue selling the fundraiser



Tuesday 9/20

·        PAF WB 7 (Recipe for Reading)

·        Math WB P 14-3

·        Visit and enter your child’s username and password (found on a letter in your child’s folder), then complete:

o   IXL Language Arts Section A.1- earn 90 points or more

·        Gym tomorrow (plain black

sweatpants and a gym shirt)



Wednesday 9/21


·        PAF WB 8 (Recipe for Reading)

·        Math WB R 14-4

·        If you have not turned in your summer home practice, it will be due Friday.



Thursday 9/22

·        PAF WB 9 (Recipe for Reading)

·        IXL LANGUAGE ARTS section B.1, earn 90 points or more 

·        Math WB P 14-4


Friday 9/23

·        PAF WB 10 (Recipe for Reading)

·        Math workbook R 14-5

·        Gym on Monday